Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tipu Sultan Summar Palace, Bangalore

Tipu Sultan Summar Palace:
Location: K.R.Market, Opposite Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore
Transport: Regular buses are available from Bangalore City Bus Stand( Magestic Bus Stand)
Entry Fee: 5 rupees per person
Main attraction: Rocket bombs that were used by the Tipu Sultan during war times are kept inside this palace.
Note: Video Camera is allowed after paying an entry fee of 50 rupees, but still camera are allowed free of cost. Inside the palace campus eatables are not allowed.
Tipu Sultan Summer Palace, is not very much magnificent and a large palace, but the size and the interior of the palace reveals that this palace was not made for long staying or administrative purposes but this was made so that royal family can spend their leisure days in this palace.
This palace is made up of stone and teak wood.This palace was started in 1781 by Tipu's father Nawab Haider Ali Khan in1781 and was completed by Tipu Sultan in 1791.
Palace is a doubled- storied building of symmetrical plan i.e front side and the back side of the palace are alike. Foundation of the palace is made of stone, with gigantic fluted pillars in wood with stone bases. Carvings and interior design is of typical Indo-Islamic style, painted and polished in two different colors.
The upper chambers and balconies can be assessed by four staircases lending to them, two in the front and two at the back of the palace. The central portion of the first floor is a large hall with four small rooms at its corners.

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anjali gupta said...

Hi..Thanks for sharing information about Tipu sultan's summer palace which is situated in Bangalore. Located near the City Market, the fort dates back to the year 1537. A must visit for history enthusiasts.