Monday, February 9, 2009

Dimna Lake, Jamshedpur( India)

Dimna, a word itself which give peace to mind to the natives of Jamshedpur. Dimna is the most preffered and romantic picnic spot of Jamshedpur. Situated in the north of Jamshedpur, in the lap of Dalma Mountain Range its just not attract natives but also the people from the neighbor states.
Dimna was constructed by Tata Steel between 1940-1944. The storage capacity of the reservoir at RL530 ft is about 7570 million gallon.
Year of completion: 1944
Length of main dam: 279.57 m
Length of the branch dam: 365.85 m
Top of the dam: 540.5 ft
Type of dam: Earthen Dam with Masonry

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dimpy roy said...

Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. The Dimna Dam is located about 8 Kms from the city of Jamshedpur. It is surrounded by the Dalma mountain ranges. The dam holds the water of the Dimna Lake. It is an artificial reservoir and one of the main sources of drinking water for the city of Jamshedpur. Check out more about Dimna lake.