Friday, September 25, 2009

Virupaksha Temple- Hampi

This temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Virupaksha, also called Pampapati. This is the oldest temple in Hampi and an ancient temple of Hoysala period. Some parts of this temple were built by HariharaI and Krishnadevaraya built a stage for public assembly.

The temple has two towers and two distinct compounds. The first and the bigger tower is known as 'Bistappaya Tower'. It is 165 ft high, 150 ft in breadth and 120 ft in length. It is not known that who has built this tower but it has been renovated many times by different rulers.
The second tower is the 'Raya tower'. Krishnadevaraya built this at the time of his coronation. On crossing this tower we get into inner compound or second compound. This compound consists of flag and the lamp post in middle. On the lest and right side of the compound there are small temples of different god and goddess.

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