Friday, May 29, 2009

Kanva reservoir, Karnataka

Kanva reservoir is an artificial lake and tourist attraction 69 kilometres from Bangalore and 10 kilometres from Ramnagara(known for its silk). The reservoir has been formed from the damming of the river Kanva and is well known as a tourist destination for its birdlife. For getting to KR, Bangalore is the connecting point. Bangalore- Mysore highway is the connecting strip. One can find agricultural fields and small muddy hunts near the reservoir. Coconuts and mango trees are in ample. Government run research and training center near this reservoir.
This spot is loved by silient seekers and love birds. It is a good picnic spot for family but it would be best if visitors plan it in the winter.
Kanva Dam is a minor irrigation project dam. Built in 1946 across the Kanva river, it is 15 km long covering 776 hectares. The Kanva river (a tributary of the Cauvery river) is named after the sage Kanva, who is believed to have lived in the caves in the mountains and forests around the dam in the time of Ramayana. Ramnagara and places around Kanva reservoir are in lime light due to its connection with Ramayana. Ramnagara which is merely 10 kilometers from reservior is claimed to be the place were Ram and Sita were use to reside during Vanvasa( life in the forest) period of 14 years.
This wide spread lake is worth to visit. In winter, warm sun rays and cool wind blowing both at the same time make this place lively.

Coconut and mangoes plantation along the road side add value to the scenic beauty of this place.

Reservoir is situated nearly 4 kilometers from the main Bangalore- Mysore Highway road. One has to take a right turn from the highway. Landmark board is placed at the main road, painted in yellow color.

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