Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SRI Venkateswara temple

Sri Venkateswara temple is the ancient & sacred temple of Lord Venkateswara, husband of Maa Lakshmi. Lord Venkateswara is also known as Balaji. In fact he is called by many names like Lord Vishnu, Lakshmipati, and Narasimhaswami etc. It is believed that Lord Balaji has taken birth on this earth many times for the prosperity of this world by giving knowledge and removing social evils.
This temple is located on the seventh peak of Tirumala Hill, Venkata peak. Hindus have huge believe in this temple as a result average 50,000 people visit this temple everyday. People especially from south part of India believe that one can attain mukti i.e. can be immortal only by worshipping Sri Lord Venkateswara.
This temple has got a huge security. Finger prints and photo image is required to get inside this temple. One can get entry token either at Tirupathi or at Tirumala. Again to get rid of confusion I tell you, Tirupathi and Tirumala are two different places. Tirumala is the collection of seven hills and Venkateswara temple is situated on Venkata Peak (seventh peak of Tirumala Hill).The distance from Tirupathi Bus stand (APSRTC) to Venkateswara Temple is approx 20 km, by road. This temple is very well connected by road, & one can get buses at regular interval of 10 minutes from Tirupathi.

Temple Management:-

This temple & other 12 temples at Tirupathi & Tirumala are maintained under TTD- Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanames.
The board of Trustees is constituted by members appointed by the government. (Andhra Pradesh State Government).


There is no confirm history about this temple. But it is believed that it got its attention back at 9th century at the time of Pallavas & Cholas- Riles of southern part of India.